Dependable Transmission Repair in Northglenn, CO

Your car’s transmission system delivers power from the engine to the wheels to keep you moving down the road. When problems arise, harsh shifts or an inability to get into the right gear could disrupt your travels. Thankfully, you can count on our team at Accurate Automotive for support. Our ASE-certified technicians have the skills and experience needed to diagnose, repair, and maintain transmissions in all vehicle makes and models.

Common Types of Car Transmission Repair

Our Northglenn, CO auto repair shop is the place to go for all types of transmission repair services, including:

Our techs begin every repair visit with a digital vehicle inspection. If we cannot immediately tell what’s going on with your car, we’ll also recommend diagnostic services as needed to determine how to fix your transmission.

We’re dedicated to providing same-day service whenever possible. So, you will usually hear back from us about your car’s condition by mid-afternoon. We’ll go over our diagnostic report and share our repair recommendations, so you can decide how to best care for your car.

When to Come in for Transmission Repair Services

When you know the signs of transmission trouble, it’s possible to keep minor issues from getting way worse. You’ll be able to get your car into the shop before parts failure occurs, helping save you time and money in the long run.

A close-up view of a car's transmission system, featuring gears and mechanical components

The most common signs you need transmission repair services include:

Leaking transmission fluid is another surefire sign that your car needs service. In automatic transmissions, this fluid will usually look red. Manual transmissions have light to dark brown fluid instead.

Manual vs. Automatic Transmission Maintenance

Whether your car has a manual or automatic transmission, regular maintenance is essential in keeping it shifting smoothly through every gear. However, each gearbox type needs different services to stay in prime condition. How often you’ll complete transmission maintenance varies as well.

If you have a manual transmission, you may only need to come in occasionally to have your clutch adjusted or serviced. With automatic transmissions, it’s common to need more frequent appointments for fluid flushes and other preventative maintenance services.

Not sure when to bring your car in for service? That’s okay. Our Northglenn, CO auto repair team is here to help. We can create the perfect transmission care plan for your vehicle year, make, and model. Then, all you have to do is schedule your visits to our shop as advised to keep your gearbox in great shape.

Call for Automotive Transmission Repair in Northglenn, CO

Accurate Automotive is your one-stop shop for comprehensive transmission repair services. Our Northglenn, CO auto repair team has what it takes to keep your car putting down the power mile after mile.

So, whenever you’d like to get service for your vehicle, give us a call at (303) 451-6880. Our team will help you find the best time for your car transmission repair visit and let you know what to expect during your appointment.

On your appointment date, find us conveniently located at 10651 Irma Dr G, Northglenn, Colorado 80233. We welcome you to drop your car off or chill in our waiting room while we work. We also have loaner cars and a shuttle service available when needed.

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