Oil Change Services in Northglenn, CO

As your trusted family mechanic, our team at Accurate Automotive provides top-tier oil change services for all vehicle makes and models. Getting maintenance performed by our ASE- and Euro-certified techs helps keep your car’s engine in good running condition through every mile. We always prioritize the health of your vehicle and go above and beyond to provide you with endless support in your car care journey. So, look to us whenever your car needs an oil change in Northglenn, CO.

Why Get Regular Oil Change Services

Your car’s engine can only run smoothly if it has fresh, clean oil circulating through its passageways. The oil reduces friction between moving parts, absorbs heat from the engine, and even washes dirt and debris away from the internals.

As it does all those important jobs, this essential automotive fluid thickens, gets dirty, and loses its effectiveness. The oil filter also gradually gets clogged with debris, reducing the flow of fluid through the motor.

To restore the fluid and filter, all it takes is a simple oil change service. When done on time, this service helps shield your engine from dirt, heat, and friction to preserve its performance and maximize its lifespan.

When to Come in for an Oil Change

A technician is performing an oil change on a car

Back in the day, cars needed an oil change every 3,000 miles on the dot to keep their motors in peak condition. Advancements in automotive technology and fluid science have changed all that. Nowadays, carmakers typically recommend performing each oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

However, the exact service interval can vary depending on your vehicle’s year, make, and model. Its build characteristics, how you drive, and where your travels take you can also play a role in how often to get this service. That’s why speaking with your trusted service advisor about a personalized oil change plan for your car is essential.

At our Northglenn, CO auto repair shop, we partner with all our customers to create the best car care plan for their needs. You can always count on us to help you figure out exactly when to come in to protect your vehicle without spending money unnecessarily.

Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil: Knowing the Difference

The conventional vs. synthetic oil debate has been going on for years now. And there’s indeed no one correct answer on which type of oil to use for every car. Instead, it’s important to explore the differences and benefits of each option through the lens of your vehicle’s needs—and our team can help.

At our shop, we provide both conventional and synthetic oil change services. The best choice depends on factors like your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and the total miles on your car. When you come to us, we’ll review everything you need to know and help you select the right oil change service for your car, truck, or van.

Call to Schedule Your Oil Change Services in Northglenn, CO

At Accurate Automotive, we proudly provide the oil change services your vehicle needs to stay in prime condition. So, whenever it’s time to change your oil, you can come to us for the highest quality of service and support.

To book your visit, you just have to call us at (303) 451-6880. We can review your car’s service history to confirm that it’s time for an oil change if you’d like or just help you find a great time to visit our shop.

On your appointment date, you’ll find our shop at 10651 Irma Dr G, Northglenn, CO 80233. Need to drop your car off and continue with your day? Ask about our convenient shuttle service and loaner cars.

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