This is why you NEED to stay on top of your car maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle is arguably the most important part of owning a car. Not only does this keep your vehicle running smoothly, but it also avoids a lot of high-priced repairs. Here are a few reasons why regular maintenance is so essential:

1. Longer Lifespan: By performing regular maintenance, such as an oil change every 3-5k miles, tire rotations, fluid level check, etc., the longevity of your car will go up significantly. You may think, “1 or 2 thousand miles over won’t make that much of an impact”. Unfortunately, those miles start to add up and cause damage little by little.

2. Improved Performance: Taking care of your vehicle with regular maintenance can lead to better fuel efficiency and overall performance. No coincidence that your car runs smoother on fresh oil and new tires.

3. Increased Safety/Cost Savings: Getting your car serviced regularly will help identify any potential problems while they are still small. Here at Accurate Automotive, we give complete inspections with pictures for our customers. What this does is it provides customers sight into what is happening under the car. We also rate things on a green, yellow, and red scale so customers can see how urgent each repair is, if there are any.

4. Improved Resale Value: If you want to sell your car in the future, it will be important that your vehicle is and has been regularly serviced. You should also have documents of this from your selective shop. Buyers will bite on a higher price if they have proof the car has been well maintained.

5. Keeps You on the Road: Catch something before it fails. Sure, regular service seems redundant, BUT last time we checked, nobody likes being stuck on the side of the road in the middle of winter. Plenty of BIG repairs start from simple maintenance, such as getting your oil changed on time!

In Conclusion, regular maintenance plays a significant role in your vehicle’s lifespan, performance, safety, and costs. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, as it will be the best way to avoid repairs in the future. If you are looking for an auto shop to get your regular maintenance done – Use this link to book an appointment, or call us at 303-451-6880 to speak to one of our service advisors!

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