Common Jeep Suspension Problems and How to Identify Them

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The Jeep suspension consists of a multitude of components working in unison to absorb bumps, provide stability and keep the tires in contact with the road. It also allows you to hit the trails and enjoy the adrenaline rush of climbing rocks or navigating a difficult trail. However, like all vehicles, Jeeps require regular suspension service and repair, particularly when used for off-roading. Bushings and tie rods (steering) wear out. Control arms break. Shocks and struts wear out. Springs wear or break. Accurate Automotive in Northglenn, CO can help keep your Jeep suspension in top-notch condition so you are always ready to hit the road or the trails.

Common Suspension Repairs in Northglenn, CO

Even if you stay on paved roads, components in the suspension system inevitably wear out over time. Shocks, springs, sway bar bushings, control arms, control arm bushings, and more are all wear-and-tear items. Common Jeep suspension issues include:

Worn Shocks

Shocks wear out over time. If the Jeep feels bouncy and unstable, you may have to replace the shocks. One way to determine if shocks are worn is by pressing down on a corner of the Jeep. After pushing down on it three or four times, if it bounces more than once or twice, it’s time for new shocks. You can also look at the shocks to see if they are leaking hydraulic fluid.

Saggy Springs

If one corner of the Jeep rides lower than the others, you could have a sagging spring or faulty spring. The spring may also make clunking noises when you hit a bump. Replacing the spring with a new one will restore your Jeep’s ride.

Uneven Tire Wear

Always check your Jeep’s tires at least once per month for uneven tire wear. If a tire is wearing on one outside edge of the tread or has scalloping, you have a problem with the suspension or alignment. Accurate Automotive can check the alignment and suspension to locate the problem.

If the tire tread is wearing even on both edges of the tread, but the center is not wearing, this usually signifies the air pressure is too low. If the tire tread wears only in the middle, you most likely have too much air pressure in the tires.

Steering Problems

While the steering system is separate from the suspension system, they work together to give you a smooth ride and keep the Jeep on the road. Worn steering components can affect the suspension and tire wear. If the steering feels loose or the steering wheel isn’t lined up, Accurate Automotive in Northglenn CO can locate and repair the problem.

Clunking Noises

Shocks, springs and control arms can cause a clunking noise when you go over bumps. If you hear banging and clunking, bring your Jeep to Accurate Automotive to check the suspension.

Too Much Body Roll

Jeeps use sway bars to keep the vehicle from leaning too far in curves. The sway bars connect the suspension on each side of the vehicle together. Worn sway bar bushings or a sway bar that came loose could cause the Jeep to lean too far and possibly roll over. In most cases, it’s just the bushings, but sometimes, Accurate Automotive will find a sway bar that is damaged.

Shaking and Vibrating

If the steering wheel shakes or vibrates, you may have a problem with the suspension or the steering. Vibrations at only low speeds usually indicate a separated tire. Vibrations at only 55 to 75 mph usually indicate imbalanced tires.

Accurate Automotive can check the tires, suspension and steering to determine and repair the problem.

Poor Handling and Stability

If you feel as though the Jeep has poor handling or isn’t stable but can’t pinpoint it, it most likely is something in the suspension or steering. Accurate Automotive in Northglenn CO can check the alignment, suspension and steering and repair the problem to get you back on the road.

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